Friday, July 10, 2009

Trying to get my act together !!!!

Can you believe I spent 20mins on this blog post this morning for it to all dissappear before me as our computer had a freak out .... I was one nasty lady after that happened let me tell you sooooo here is a cranky version LOL !

I have really been struggling to get my act together over the last few weeks with sick kidlets & Mr Oooo still being in hospital.

It's especially hard when as soon as kidlets see that I am removing my sewing machine cover they become ummm what's the word ... Oh yes err 'helpful'.

And then there is Master G ....

Master G has a problem. A big problem !

He sees most of my fabric & any other fabric for that matter, sheets, blankets, towels as all his ... He carries around a blankie as it is but this isn't enough it seems. It isn't unusual to find him lugging around various soft toys along with his blankie as well as a queen bed sheet, pillow cases, various pieces of fabric & even a quilt cover ...

He has an addiction & I think only Betty Ford may cut it !

So me trying to do any sewing or even these photos for that matter has been, well interesting to say the least.

I apologise as always for the horrible, horrible photos & can say without a doubt that I will not be taking the ones I plan to use to show my wares off ... Wouldn't want to scare the punters off now would we !

Anyways here goes nothing ...

This is a 'Tiny Tin'

These will include :

Hat ( cotton or polar fleece )
Onsie or 2 singlets
Booties ( cotton, polar fleece or knitted )
Pram Blanket * ( Optional Extra )

Price - $50 ( if pram blanket is included it will be $70 )

I've made these with the idea that they are a great small gift to give to someone for their baby shower or a new arrivals gift.

The tins will be decorated & can be customised for an added cost this will mean they can be kept as a keepsake. All items will be in the tin & presented with this being wrapped in the pram blanket if this is then chosen also.

This is a 'Precious Pack' ( Basic )

These will include :

Mini Case or Box
Pram Blanket
2x Wraps
2x Onesies
2x Singlets
2x Socks
Softie ( 'loveknot' ball shown with other options available )

Price - $100

This is only a basic pack shown in neutrals but can be made in particular colours or themes & have various additions made to or in place of others to customise it with prices varying accordingly.

Other items available will be :

Cotton pants
Burp Cloths

I will also be making options like bath/ baby products available as extras such as Gaia, Method Baby & Brauers ( I believe every new mother should have these products on hand !!! ).

Most items will be handmade by me but I will be using store bought onesies, singlets & socks .... Although there may be times where I will be using store bought wraps also as my machine doesn't often like muslin !

I am really hoping that I can find a way to get my hands on a truck load more of the mini cases as these are not only make gorgeous pieces to display in baby's room but also have the option of keeping baby's items in as a memento to hand over as adults ! If I can't get enough of these then I will be going with a box that again can be customised as need be so that again it can be used & kept for later.

As well as the $100 pack I hope to have a less expensive option at $80 & then the possibilities are endless really for those who aren't worried about the price tag !

Sooo as I said these are only the rough plans for now but there will be more to come so watch this space !!!!

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Pam said...

Oh what great ideas! Where are you planning on selling the items?