Friday, April 24, 2009

Lest We Forget

"They shall not grow old as we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the evening,
we will remember them."

Thank you to all past, present & fallen diggers.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Houston we are having problems !

Transmission seems to be down.

Due to what always seems to be only MY issues with anything electrical around here I am having major iss-ewes with anything that seems concerned with Blogger ....

So no I am not AWOL because I am being a lazy git, I actually do have good reason at this point in time !

Posting generally isn't working so I am wondering whether this post will be in vain & really only be me talking to myself, which really isn't all that unusual ..... Hrrrrmmm

Anywhos it seems to also be cursing me with being unable to even view ANY darn thing to do with blogging ...


Not so great either when dealing with two sick boys, one of which has this mummy unable to sleep due to him having trouble breathing of a nite & this means mummy is left meandering around in Cyberworld not so great at those points when one tends to Google ones childs symptoms either ....

This mummy truly misses catching up on glimpses into peoples crafting lives *sob*

Hopefully this is only temporary but hey we are talking about someone who managed to totally kill a Photobucket account .....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Beyond Pink and Blue - GIVEAWAY !

How cute are these !!!!!!!

These are Underwater Besties

Micador make these gorgeous little textas that are not only great for drawing but to also make friends with !

'Twist off their heads to draw up a storm. Non-toxic, washable and tough, means they're friendly for the littlest of folks to use.'

Other Besties sets are: Fairy Tale, Puppies, Barnyard, Dino, Jungle. $13.00 per set of six.
They come with collector stickers too.

BPAB are giving them away to a lucky person commenting on their Blog so how could I resist !

See HERE for more details !

Go on, you know you want to !!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Question ....

I have a question although I doubt I will get many answers as I don't think that many read this blog LOL !

If you were given a small tin filled with a few goodies for a new arrival would you want the tin decorated so that it's suitable for use or would you just class it as packaging & wouldn't really care ?

I know that sounds odd & cryptic & I shall try my best to get some photos up tomorrow nite so you can have a sneak peak of what I am talking about ...

I have had a few ideas of late & am tossing through a few of them & what will work ... We shall get into what goes into the tins when I show off what I am talking about !

Monday, April 13, 2009

Cubby house fun !

I remember as a kid making cubby houses indoors through my school holidays with either our dining room chairs or with our dining table ... Depending on my mood & my allowance of t.v viewing of course !

I also remember the year my dad & I came up with an elaborate model outdoors which involved our outdoor table, umbrella & many, many sheets ... It was wonderful & always brings a smile to my face.

I Remember waking up at un-Godly hours ( damn now I know where it comes from ! ) & running out there every morning through the holidays with pillows to camp out for the day only allowing adults in when bearing gifts of food, new books or toys !

I do believe it even resurrected itself later in the year for another round of holidays !

Our cats would use it as place to, well, just be cats & sleep really but I loved having their company & to be honest I cannot even remember how all my time was spent in that little sheeted hut but I can remember it being something I loved.

My kids it seems don't do elaborate ... Well at least not yet at this point ( I shall endeavour to change this ! ).

My attempts to do various throws over the chairs etc was all a bit too much it seems ... They preferred this & well who am I to say it isn't at least a little fun !

Lunch was promptly eaten sitting down for once & all without screaming at each other !

Please excuse faces ..... We are 4yrs old now & that means one cannot simply obey our mother when asked to smile because we are obviously well on our way to teenage-dom .... Dear God shoot me now !

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kids & their parties ....

No, no this isn't going to be a rant about terrible teenagers & parties of the notorious 'Corey' type ...

Boof is going to his first birthday party outside of my friends kids ...

A little boy from Kindy has invited him to his party tomorrow.

I am soooo happy because it's for a little boy that I know that he has become close with & the teachers call them ' little old men ' because they have their own ways of doing things & stick together like glue.

It also means that we as parents have the opportunity to meet his family & get to know them which I look forward to because they will be going to the same school next year, so I really hope this starts a strong bond between them.

So I guess this means I shall have to be on my best behaviour tomorrow to impress .... Oh the burden !

Anywhos I decided to take the plunge & make a few items for this little boys gift .... Game I know but hey ya gotta take that leap sometimes ! If they don't like/ appreciate them so be it but hopefully they will at least be useful which I am pretty sure they will be !

One pencil roll .... 20 Bloody pencil slots later .... Won't choose that pack of pencils again !!! How many kids really appreciate that many shades of blue, green & purple anyways ?!?!?!

I used a basic cotton with a dinosaur print, a fat quarter & some denim for a more rustic look on the outside ...

And a library bag that I sorta stuffed up but hey it still works ! Oh & it probably should have a thicker heavier weight cotton for durability but I liked that they matched so I just used the quilters cotton as the block at the bottom which will hopefully keep things in check !

Inside I have a dinosaur colouring pack with a 'Hairy McLairy' CD & read a-long book ... Gotta love Hairy !!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Heading my way ....

Just a quick post I am afraid ... Pretty poor form I know but things have just been so blah !

I wanted to post this so that I can give a huge shout out to a lovely lady who is in the process of doing my new header ...

I have updated the basic form for now so I can at least look at it !!!

So to the lovely Jo ... I really appreciate this *hugs*

*shakes fist at a lazy Mr Ooo*

I do have a funny story that I will have to share another time ...

It involves a 4yr old, hospital, foam & a nose *rolles eyes*