Monday, April 13, 2009

Cubby house fun !

I remember as a kid making cubby houses indoors through my school holidays with either our dining room chairs or with our dining table ... Depending on my mood & my allowance of t.v viewing of course !

I also remember the year my dad & I came up with an elaborate model outdoors which involved our outdoor table, umbrella & many, many sheets ... It was wonderful & always brings a smile to my face.

I Remember waking up at un-Godly hours ( damn now I know where it comes from ! ) & running out there every morning through the holidays with pillows to camp out for the day only allowing adults in when bearing gifts of food, new books or toys !

I do believe it even resurrected itself later in the year for another round of holidays !

Our cats would use it as place to, well, just be cats & sleep really but I loved having their company & to be honest I cannot even remember how all my time was spent in that little sheeted hut but I can remember it being something I loved.

My kids it seems don't do elaborate ... Well at least not yet at this point ( I shall endeavour to change this ! ).

My attempts to do various throws over the chairs etc was all a bit too much it seems ... They preferred this & well who am I to say it isn't at least a little fun !

Lunch was promptly eaten sitting down for once & all without screaming at each other !

Please excuse faces ..... We are 4yrs old now & that means one cannot simply obey our mother when asked to smile because we are obviously well on our way to teenage-dom .... Dear God shoot me now !

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