Friday, January 30, 2009

Sooo how's that heat .....

I know ....

What happened to me posting every second day & all that ...

I am going to be making up for it in the next few posts ! Promise !

So yeah the heat, pretty bad huh ! We have been melting as it is sitting around the 40 degree mark on a number of days with a few 42 or so added to the mix but that last few have only seen us hit around 38 or so. Still bad enough when kidlets don't cope very well.

It's meant for mostly indoor activities which I sadly have to say entails, lounge, books, dvd's & a hell of a lot of fluid !

This is the boys for a lot of the day ....

Sitting on the floor rocking out to music videos ... Yes my kids listen to Lily Allen ... Really ... No I'm not concerned about the lyrics ;)

It keeps them both happy as larry even if fighting over the little wooden xylophone as they play along !

I am so grateful we aren't in Melbourne anymore ... Been awhile since we were there mind you ... Well before ferals ! But they certainly are blistering through some really rotten temps at the moment ... See they just have to admit that Sydney is better heheheh ... Had to get it in !

Anywhos this has also meant for incredibly lazy meals & I have to say I am really loving Quesadillas right now ! Yummo ! But we have also tried out a few new things one of which being the following ....

Cauliflower pizza .... Yes you heard me !

Oh c'mon now !!!! I am serious & yes it's possible ... Trust me !!!!!

Grate some cauliflower then for every cup of grated cauliflower add an egg ! Then add as much grated cheese as you want !

For the boys this means none so I just threw in a dash of Nuttelex & tapioca flour to help with binding because I also excluded the egg !

I can see you still looking at this screen like I am insane & cannot fathom the idea but really it's yum !

This is the poisoned pizza before cooking in the oven ... So it's for Mr Ooo & I ... Poison in this house consists of anything dairy or containing dairy or soy ... Oh & then there is the fructose, egg & wheat issue also *sigh*

Just take the fun out of everything it does buuuut moving along !

This one is the boys which sorta looked more like a base I would say ... Due to the flour I would imagine !

Anyways you cook the base in the oven for around 20mins on 220 degrees celsius & then basically start treating it like a pizza base ... Add toppings then throw under the grill for it all to melt into an oozy gooey mess !

This is the end result for the boys ... Yes please note that cheese has been used as a topping on part of this as Mr McBoof can actually tolerate cheese nowadays but only in small doses !

Would you believe that's where the photos end as the batteries died ....

It was all very yummy ... Master G wasn't totally convinced but then he is the fussiest eater of all time due to his issues but suprisingly Mr Ooo & McBoof were quite pleased with it after the initial horror of the idea !

Me, well, I am super pleased ! I hate cauliflower with a passion !!!! It means I can eat it & not need to sit there acting like I am enjoying it ! Oh & its a knife & fork pizza btw !

Here is a sneak peek of the pants I made up for G the other week ... Too cute !

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wooof !

Woof woof !

These little creations are about to head to their new home after my strange compulsion to join in a craft swap ...

Of course in the only way I know how I managed to break/ snap whatever you want to call it 3 freaking needles ( normal hand sewing ones ) & then due to only having one with the tiniest eye you have ever seen I had to go with my embroidery needles ...

Let's just say felt & 'blunt' embroidery needles don't work.

I have created a few new swear words along with teaching both boys how to throw the best tantrums ... Mind you they already have that down pat I must say !

They are so cute & easy so I am going to be making more .... Once I have new needles in my box of tricks though ! I will add them to the little baskets I am making for new arrivals !

I am now off to see how many more needles I can break today !

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's one mans garbage .....

Now see here is a photo worthy of posting .........

Gorgeous huh not just because of the background subject but it's just one of those photos that looks fantastic .....

So if you haven't realised already I didn't take it *sigh*

But hey at least my other half comes in handy for something right !

Anyways the point of this post is to yes avoid the subject of all things crafting & sewing but also to talk about Mr Ooo's other claim to fame .....

It's what I call stalking the streets for thrown out items that may be of use or otherwise hoarding.

I really should use italics on 'may' shouldn't I because that is the operative word !!!

Mr Ooo calls it being environmentally conscious so re-using & re-cycling.

Damn him for pulling that one on me !!!!!

Mr Ooo has is own set of problems ... Aside from the obvious ;)

He loves to trawl through stuff left for council clean up, garage sales or whatever really. It seems as though he thinks it's a calling. Me I find it a particularily frustrating habit ! Especially when we now have an almost 4yr old who thinks every single rubbish pile means jumping right in & wading through ! But I mostly take issue with the growing pile in our garage of junk that may be used at some point.

So it tends to be a rather contentious issue in this house.

The thing is of late I have had to admit defeat because Mr Ooo has managed to score some pretty amazing stuff ... This fish tank being the latest !

Now this tank was sitting out the front of a house in a clean & pristine condition. At first I couldn't get my head around someone leaving it outside because it was so good that I thought it had to be a mistake. As though they couldn't fit it in a bootload of stuff so they were coming back for it. So I made Mr Ooo leave it behind in case that was a real scenario & promised him that if it were there on the way back we would grab it.

Obviously it was.

So we get it home where Mr Ooo inspects it thoroughly & looks up how much it's worth online ..... $180 alone

He finds that not only is it clean but its completely without fault.

Light works, pump works, glass is all intact, no leaks, no issues. We also find that it has gravel, a couple of ornaments ( again all clean ) as well as a funky magnetic glass cleaner with thermometer which is worth a number of $$.

So we have scored a brand new fish tank with added extras which would have it all worth upwards of say $250 ....

Here it is in it's full glory

Mr Ooo wins this time .

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Trying yet failing at being productive

So now you all get to see how bad my photos really are !

Oh well at least I tried !

So while I did cut out loads of stuff to sew up etc I did my usual best of popping this all in the sewing pile & walking away ...

But I did decide to trial some dying with natural products !

Here you can see blueberries hard at work on some small squares of terry towelling !

Now I know it's pale but that's because I only had a handful left really & I figured meh that will have to do ! I didn't want it to be too dark plus as a trial we have to expect these things right ?

Not sure if it will be my thing but I wanted to see how it all went as to whether I would use it as an option to dye my bamboo terry !

SOoooo I can say i've been productive right ?!?!?!?!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Okay so I have some issues ... Okay let's be totally honest & say more than a few but thats for another post !

I always keep meaning to post & to upload pictures but it just never seems to happen.

How do you all manage to blog so much with all those damned pictures & pretty pictures to boot ?!?!?!

Me, Well i'm lucky if I can get one of the kids in the frame let alone smiling or even focused for that matter at one stage through the week ! Boof has taken to the ' I am almost 4yr old fake smile ' just for a second otherwise he dashes off which is driving me bonkers & G well Master G is at that wonderful age where no matter what you try to do he has to have his face squished against the camera so you are lucky to get maybe some lip action along with the eye.

Speaking of lip action G has yet another split lip.

I know I have boys but really do they need to insist on having so many moments where blood has to spurt from some area of their bodies ????

I know he can't exactly help falling over as he does ... I am pondering whether we should be investing in some hi-tech padding for him to walk around in ... Would give a new take on 'labels' wouldn't it :D

Anywhos I will get back on track honest .....

I really need to work out a way to make sure I actually post then again I actually need to find a way to get motivated atm also ! That was what the aim of this blog was, somehow I imagined it would help me sew& craft more ... Now thats stupidity !

I have so many projects that either need to be finished or started along with getting my backside into gear for selling stuff but nope as always little old me procrastinates leaving everything till the last minute ...

Why do we do that to ourselves btw ??? I am yet to figure out what my problem is with that ! Maybe I like the 'thrill' ... No really I don't but there must be something ... Oh that's right I am insane !

I have been shopping ... I have fabric ... Have hands ... Can sew ... Can craft !

Problem is not only am I procrastinating but I also have the attention span of a gnat right now ( do they even have attention spans ??? ) I promise to only spend an hour or two on the computer yet find myself trawling through various blogs & pages after hours & hours !!!! Which leads to the stupidity of getting a blog to make me get organised ! It's hindering me due to the amount of stuff I never realised was out there in errr BlogLand ( thats a place right ? ).

So I take a vow now that I will endeavour ( isn't that a boat !!! ) to post every second day !

I know I know ... You are all reading this right now wondering does this poor woman have some sort of problem ...

Yes completely & utterly ....

Sorry what were we talking about again ?!?!?

Oh thats right ... Oh look at that ....

Friday, January 9, 2009

Seriously the person who came up with THIS needs a pat on the back !

I love it & I want one .... Even though our pup would nearly drown in it let alone reach it !!!!

I found it while trawling through blogs as ya do !

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Homemade Christmas pressies !

Well we tried to do our bit this year in handmaking some gifts ... Have to say I think I now have an added 100 extra grey hairs to my collection but it was fun ... Honest ... Oh ok in a sorta I like to be even more stressed out before Christmas way ...

Here are just a few of them !

My mum's reading pillow .... Am utterly besotted with the fabric now !



Mother & Child apron for Master Boof's Kindy raffle ... So hard to part with & what was worse was we won them back !!! But I was a good girl & allowed them to be re-drawn *sob*

These went to a Secret Santa ... Oh the joys of doing things for girls !!!!

This is the dress ... Am waiting on photobucket to show the others !!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

First Post !!!

Wow finally !

Although I think i'm having performance anxiety ....

What if I don't write something witty that enthralls you all, what if I misspell something, what if I am just not up to the task !

Oh well.

You can just deal with it  :P

So yep as we have already established this is my first ever post ! Very exciting, rooly exciting !

Yet sadly no it really isn't, because, well I haven't much to say at this point except for yabbering on as I always do so well about bugger all really !

Basically this is to say bear with me at this point as I have a bucket load of stuff I want to share but has to be uploaded onto our rather dodgey ( and by dodgey I mean it hates me ... Just me ... Of course ! ) computer that will at every opportunity choose to crash at the least appropriate time.

I am also umming & aaahing over my header & layout ... Not really sure what I want & think I have changed it approx 5 times in the last week & have often been found at the computer fiddling away with colours etc to see if I can find something I like ... All suggestions welcome. Although I daresay at this point no one really gives a flying hoot about anything in this blog for now due to being unknown !

See I told you I am so good at yabbering over nothing !

Now when shall I post next .............................................