Friday, January 30, 2009

Sooo how's that heat .....

I know ....

What happened to me posting every second day & all that ...

I am going to be making up for it in the next few posts ! Promise !

So yeah the heat, pretty bad huh ! We have been melting as it is sitting around the 40 degree mark on a number of days with a few 42 or so added to the mix but that last few have only seen us hit around 38 or so. Still bad enough when kidlets don't cope very well.

It's meant for mostly indoor activities which I sadly have to say entails, lounge, books, dvd's & a hell of a lot of fluid !

This is the boys for a lot of the day ....

Sitting on the floor rocking out to music videos ... Yes my kids listen to Lily Allen ... Really ... No I'm not concerned about the lyrics ;)

It keeps them both happy as larry even if fighting over the little wooden xylophone as they play along !

I am so grateful we aren't in Melbourne anymore ... Been awhile since we were there mind you ... Well before ferals ! But they certainly are blistering through some really rotten temps at the moment ... See they just have to admit that Sydney is better heheheh ... Had to get it in !

Anywhos this has also meant for incredibly lazy meals & I have to say I am really loving Quesadillas right now ! Yummo ! But we have also tried out a few new things one of which being the following ....

Cauliflower pizza .... Yes you heard me !

Oh c'mon now !!!! I am serious & yes it's possible ... Trust me !!!!!

Grate some cauliflower then for every cup of grated cauliflower add an egg ! Then add as much grated cheese as you want !

For the boys this means none so I just threw in a dash of Nuttelex & tapioca flour to help with binding because I also excluded the egg !

I can see you still looking at this screen like I am insane & cannot fathom the idea but really it's yum !

This is the poisoned pizza before cooking in the oven ... So it's for Mr Ooo & I ... Poison in this house consists of anything dairy or containing dairy or soy ... Oh & then there is the fructose, egg & wheat issue also *sigh*

Just take the fun out of everything it does buuuut moving along !

This one is the boys which sorta looked more like a base I would say ... Due to the flour I would imagine !

Anyways you cook the base in the oven for around 20mins on 220 degrees celsius & then basically start treating it like a pizza base ... Add toppings then throw under the grill for it all to melt into an oozy gooey mess !

This is the end result for the boys ... Yes please note that cheese has been used as a topping on part of this as Mr McBoof can actually tolerate cheese nowadays but only in small doses !

Would you believe that's where the photos end as the batteries died ....

It was all very yummy ... Master G wasn't totally convinced but then he is the fussiest eater of all time due to his issues but suprisingly Mr Ooo & McBoof were quite pleased with it after the initial horror of the idea !

Me, well, I am super pleased ! I hate cauliflower with a passion !!!! It means I can eat it & not need to sit there acting like I am enjoying it ! Oh & its a knife & fork pizza btw !

Here is a sneak peek of the pants I made up for G the other week ... Too cute !


John and Kate plus 2 said...

Thanks for the Cauli pizza tip Ally! Looks very good and i will definately endeavour to try it in the near future with Abigail and Robbie. Loving McBoof's pants too by the way! you are too clever for your own good! I have a sewing machine, I have lots of fabric but I have no skill haha!!

Need to catch up soon I still have something for you from Master G's naming day! yes I know I could send it but I just cant seem to get round to it! pm me your addy and force me to do it!!


Allyoo said...

Ta hun ! They are for G though :P

I do have a pair of shorts cut & ready to sew in that fabric for Boof ... Hopefully I get the motivation tomorrow once the air-con is on heh !

No no no !!! We have to meet up ... Yes yes !