Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's one mans garbage .....

Now see here is a photo worthy of posting .........

Gorgeous huh not just because of the background subject but it's just one of those photos that looks fantastic .....

So if you haven't realised already I didn't take it *sigh*

But hey at least my other half comes in handy for something right !

Anyways the point of this post is to yes avoid the subject of all things crafting & sewing but also to talk about Mr Ooo's other claim to fame .....

It's what I call stalking the streets for thrown out items that may be of use or otherwise hoarding.

I really should use italics on 'may' shouldn't I because that is the operative word !!!

Mr Ooo calls it being environmentally conscious so re-using & re-cycling.

Damn him for pulling that one on me !!!!!

Mr Ooo has is own set of problems ... Aside from the obvious ;)

He loves to trawl through stuff left for council clean up, garage sales or whatever really. It seems as though he thinks it's a calling. Me I find it a particularily frustrating habit ! Especially when we now have an almost 4yr old who thinks every single rubbish pile means jumping right in & wading through ! But I mostly take issue with the growing pile in our garage of junk that may be used at some point.

So it tends to be a rather contentious issue in this house.

The thing is of late I have had to admit defeat because Mr Ooo has managed to score some pretty amazing stuff ... This fish tank being the latest !

Now this tank was sitting out the front of a house in a clean & pristine condition. At first I couldn't get my head around someone leaving it outside because it was so good that I thought it had to be a mistake. As though they couldn't fit it in a bootload of stuff so they were coming back for it. So I made Mr Ooo leave it behind in case that was a real scenario & promised him that if it were there on the way back we would grab it.

Obviously it was.

So we get it home where Mr Ooo inspects it thoroughly & looks up how much it's worth online ..... $180 alone

He finds that not only is it clean but its completely without fault.

Light works, pump works, glass is all intact, no leaks, no issues. We also find that it has gravel, a couple of ornaments ( again all clean ) as well as a funky magnetic glass cleaner with thermometer which is worth a number of $$.

So we have scored a brand new fish tank with added extras which would have it all worth upwards of say $250 ....

Here it is in it's full glory

Mr Ooo wins this time .

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sweetness said...

hehe you can find the best stuff on the side of the road.

apparently it is illegal though. once its on the nature strip it becomes council property and its stealing. but pft i still do it :p