Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Homemade Christmas pressies !

Well we tried to do our bit this year in handmaking some gifts ... Have to say I think I now have an added 100 extra grey hairs to my collection but it was fun ... Honest ... Oh ok in a sorta I like to be even more stressed out before Christmas way ...

Here are just a few of them !

My mum's reading pillow .... Am utterly besotted with the fabric now !



Mother & Child apron for Master Boof's Kindy raffle ... So hard to part with & what was worse was we won them back !!! But I was a good girl & allowed them to be re-drawn *sob*

These went to a Secret Santa ... Oh the joys of doing things for girls !!!!

This is the dress ... Am waiting on photobucket to show the others !!!

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