Monday, January 12, 2009

Okay so I have some issues ... Okay let's be totally honest & say more than a few but thats for another post !

I always keep meaning to post & to upload pictures but it just never seems to happen.

How do you all manage to blog so much with all those damned pictures & pretty pictures to boot ?!?!?!

Me, Well i'm lucky if I can get one of the kids in the frame let alone smiling or even focused for that matter at one stage through the week ! Boof has taken to the ' I am almost 4yr old fake smile ' just for a second otherwise he dashes off which is driving me bonkers & G well Master G is at that wonderful age where no matter what you try to do he has to have his face squished against the camera so you are lucky to get maybe some lip action along with the eye.

Speaking of lip action G has yet another split lip.

I know I have boys but really do they need to insist on having so many moments where blood has to spurt from some area of their bodies ????

I know he can't exactly help falling over as he does ... I am pondering whether we should be investing in some hi-tech padding for him to walk around in ... Would give a new take on 'labels' wouldn't it :D

Anywhos I will get back on track honest .....

I really need to work out a way to make sure I actually post then again I actually need to find a way to get motivated atm also ! That was what the aim of this blog was, somehow I imagined it would help me sew& craft more ... Now thats stupidity !

I have so many projects that either need to be finished or started along with getting my backside into gear for selling stuff but nope as always little old me procrastinates leaving everything till the last minute ...

Why do we do that to ourselves btw ??? I am yet to figure out what my problem is with that ! Maybe I like the 'thrill' ... No really I don't but there must be something ... Oh that's right I am insane !

I have been shopping ... I have fabric ... Have hands ... Can sew ... Can craft !

Problem is not only am I procrastinating but I also have the attention span of a gnat right now ( do they even have attention spans ??? ) I promise to only spend an hour or two on the computer yet find myself trawling through various blogs & pages after hours & hours !!!! Which leads to the stupidity of getting a blog to make me get organised ! It's hindering me due to the amount of stuff I never realised was out there in errr BlogLand ( thats a place right ? ).

So I take a vow now that I will endeavour ( isn't that a boat !!! ) to post every second day !

I know I know ... You are all reading this right now wondering does this poor woman have some sort of problem ...

Yes completely & utterly ....

Sorry what were we talking about again ?!?!?

Oh thats right ... Oh look at that ....

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