Saturday, January 3, 2009

First Post !!!

Wow finally !

Although I think i'm having performance anxiety ....

What if I don't write something witty that enthralls you all, what if I misspell something, what if I am just not up to the task !

Oh well.

You can just deal with it  :P

So yep as we have already established this is my first ever post ! Very exciting, rooly exciting !

Yet sadly no it really isn't, because, well I haven't much to say at this point except for yabbering on as I always do so well about bugger all really !

Basically this is to say bear with me at this point as I have a bucket load of stuff I want to share but has to be uploaded onto our rather dodgey ( and by dodgey I mean it hates me ... Just me ... Of course ! ) computer that will at every opportunity choose to crash at the least appropriate time.

I am also umming & aaahing over my header & layout ... Not really sure what I want & think I have changed it approx 5 times in the last week & have often been found at the computer fiddling away with colours etc to see if I can find something I like ... All suggestions welcome. Although I daresay at this point no one really gives a flying hoot about anything in this blog for now due to being unknown !

See I told you I am so good at yabbering over nothing !

Now when shall I post next .............................................

1 comment:

Hoppo Bumpo said...

I can already tell that I am going to love reading your blog!

Crafting versus adopting out your boys? Absolutely hilarious (but I'm right there with you!!).