Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wooof !

Woof woof !

These little creations are about to head to their new home after my strange compulsion to join in a craft swap ...

Of course in the only way I know how I managed to break/ snap whatever you want to call it 3 freaking needles ( normal hand sewing ones ) & then due to only having one with the tiniest eye you have ever seen I had to go with my embroidery needles ...

Let's just say felt & 'blunt' embroidery needles don't work.

I have created a few new swear words along with teaching both boys how to throw the best tantrums ... Mind you they already have that down pat I must say !

They are so cute & easy so I am going to be making more .... Once I have new needles in my box of tricks though ! I will add them to the little baskets I am making for new arrivals !

I am now off to see how many more needles I can break today !

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Sandy said...

Love the Scotty dogs Ally!