Thursday, February 26, 2009

Soooo what have I been up to !

Today wasn't very productive as there was lots of running around to appts & all that BUT !

I can show off a few things that have been taken off the WIP pile !

These are a few little hats I have made up for some newbies & I also have 4 ( 2 girlie, 2 boyish ) set aside for comfort packs along with matching taggies & love knot balls.

I also managed to find some cool items to put into my older kid versions as I wanted something rather than clothing or the likes especially when expert crafters are doing those already & will put me to shame ... I came across little packs that have jigsaw puzzles the kids can colour themselves, a puzzle book, stickers etc & also a book that teaches you how to make really cool paper planes ( also includes funky marked paper to help ! ) ... And yes I did buy one for meee -y eerrr boys umm yes for MY boys !

Problem has been that I am stuck as to what type of bag to make for the newbie items being that a newbie doesn't need a bag of any type ...

Bar the one that mummy ends up needing to use that turns from a gorgeous little funky number that can be held in your palm to the gigantic suitcase that houses the kitchen sink plus more !

Dear Lord I just had a lightbulb moment ...

I actually think my brain still works ... Is that possible ?!?!?

Is it possible for my brain to start actually functioning like it used to ?!?!?!?!

I will make up some basic playmats that fold into a little bag to house said items ....

Gosh I am great ...

Heck just ask me ;)

So I will have 4 newbie packs & 4 older kidlet bagged items to send off this weekend !

The following are two bags my mum has asked me to do for her scooter .... They are still unfinished as I need to get some binding to finish the edges & sort out the correct measurements for the strap on the larger one.

Not the funky ' I look like I belong in Italy ' scooter ( as much as she would love one ! ) but the ones that tend to belong to cranky oldies who want to run you down or at least make sure you loose all use of your achilles heel !

My mum is disabled so this is her way of getting out & about, now there are options for the scooter such as bags, baskets etc but the larger shopping bag she had on the back ended up falling off all the time & she only wanted something basic anyways. So the larger one will be at the back of the seat & the smaller one will be at the controls to throw in all her non purse items for easy access.

I totally cheated though .... The majority of both bags are made with placemats !!!!

We found these at Big W for $1 when her local store had some weird sale thing going on in the haberdashery dept. ( got me some fat quarters for $2 each !!! ) & they had these on a shelf so we grabbed a few so I could make these bags & one for her wheelchair also ... I am actually quite happy with how they turned out cause well they were placemats after all LOL !

Now as for the rest of the WIP pile .... Only 599* more items to go ...

* Please note 599 may actually be a slight exaggeration on my part !

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Getting some bags done ....

Soooo after a nappy type bag I made up for a charity auction got lost in the mail I have since offered the lovely lady the option of me making an Amy Butler Diaper Bag ... With a few variations !

Of the fabric I had at the time she chose this :

I adore this print & am hoping to make myself something lovely out of it too !

So teamed with denim we have the makings of a bag & heck look I've even cut it all out as well as managing to get a few seams sewn tonite !!!!!

I really do need to get my butt into gear !!!!!!

I have also decided to make one for myself ... Yes yes Mr Ooo I doooo need another nappy bag damnit *stomps foot*

This is the fabric I found the other week that I have decided on !

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dear Blog ....

Dear Blog,

Yes I have been distant ... I apologise.

I am just feeling so overwhelmed atm that I have felt the need for space.

No it isn't you, it's me ... Really it is.

In the wee small hours I find myself unable to admit the truth ... But I shall do so now as I do believe in truth & honesty especially as being the foundations of a great relationship.

I have not done anything more than sew a few bits & pieces as well as cut up various items that will be sewn in due course.

There I said it ! I know it's no excuse but I have had to deal with sick kidlets & little motivation due to this which has just left me spent, with little more to give to our relationship.

I promise to work harder at our relationship, I promise with all my heart.

I realise this is a two way highway that we are travelling & I need to give you more than you have had of late. It isn't fair you not recieving any attention from me, you deserve better. So I will be better.

Please forgive me.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Just Do It !

Hopefully within the next few days I will be able to send off a few little items for those who truly need it !

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A few items on the go ....

I would love to say I have something witty to say in this post but I'm afraid I don't ....

I am cranky as all hell & ready to attack anyone that so much as dares to look at me sideways with a pair of scissors ... Not the good fabric shears though !

Anywhos onto sewing stuff & all that ...

This is just one of the taggies I've gotten done over the last few days ... I just am a sucker for the bears so decided to show this one off !

These following items are going to be made into two gorgeous baby blankets ....

I am then making pram liners with the dog & cat fabric along with taggies, love knot balls & some softies in all co-ordinating fabrics ... These will then be made up into little packs for sale ....

I just wish I could shake this mood ...

Really I am far more feral than my boys right now ....

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I got me some reading to do ...

These are sitting on my chest of drawers .....

Problem is to find the time to do so without kidlets crawling all over me & to also get myself into that head space to do so ...

Alot of these aren't light reading material .....

Yes yes I know 'The Tales Of Beetle The Bard' isn't exactly one you would call mind altering or life changing LOL ! But being that I actually have now read most of 'My Sister's Keeper' due to being able to read a story here & there from it has meant it's kept it's place in the pile.

I have also read 'White Thorn' & 'Garden Spells'. The latter being the fluff book after such a heavy read ... I adore Bryce I really do but my God how he really writes tales that break your heart ! I love true stories & things that make you think but sometimes my head isn't in a good enough space to cope with it.

I got the majority of these at Christmas & I was stoked to say the least ... I LOVE books ... I just don't get to read as much nowadays. The aim however is to change this ! I will get through this pile by March & will then be able to post the second picture of another pile ... I will do it !!!!

Now as for that sneak peek !

Here are Master G's pants in their glory ...

The pictures suck because he refused to give up 'Baby' & refused to stand still .... Oh the joys of toddlers !

Doesn't this look say it all HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA !