Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dear Blog ....

Dear Blog,

Yes I have been distant ... I apologise.

I am just feeling so overwhelmed atm that I have felt the need for space.

No it isn't you, it's me ... Really it is.

In the wee small hours I find myself unable to admit the truth ... But I shall do so now as I do believe in truth & honesty especially as being the foundations of a great relationship.

I have not done anything more than sew a few bits & pieces as well as cut up various items that will be sewn in due course.

There I said it ! I know it's no excuse but I have had to deal with sick kidlets & little motivation due to this which has just left me spent, with little more to give to our relationship.

I promise to work harder at our relationship, I promise with all my heart.

I realise this is a two way highway that we are travelling & I need to give you more than you have had of late. It isn't fair you not recieving any attention from me, you deserve better. So I will be better.

Please forgive me.


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