Thursday, February 26, 2009

Soooo what have I been up to !

Today wasn't very productive as there was lots of running around to appts & all that BUT !

I can show off a few things that have been taken off the WIP pile !

These are a few little hats I have made up for some newbies & I also have 4 ( 2 girlie, 2 boyish ) set aside for comfort packs along with matching taggies & love knot balls.

I also managed to find some cool items to put into my older kid versions as I wanted something rather than clothing or the likes especially when expert crafters are doing those already & will put me to shame ... I came across little packs that have jigsaw puzzles the kids can colour themselves, a puzzle book, stickers etc & also a book that teaches you how to make really cool paper planes ( also includes funky marked paper to help ! ) ... And yes I did buy one for meee -y eerrr boys umm yes for MY boys !

Problem has been that I am stuck as to what type of bag to make for the newbie items being that a newbie doesn't need a bag of any type ...

Bar the one that mummy ends up needing to use that turns from a gorgeous little funky number that can be held in your palm to the gigantic suitcase that houses the kitchen sink plus more !

Dear Lord I just had a lightbulb moment ...

I actually think my brain still works ... Is that possible ?!?!?

Is it possible for my brain to start actually functioning like it used to ?!?!?!?!

I will make up some basic playmats that fold into a little bag to house said items ....

Gosh I am great ...

Heck just ask me ;)

So I will have 4 newbie packs & 4 older kidlet bagged items to send off this weekend !

The following are two bags my mum has asked me to do for her scooter .... They are still unfinished as I need to get some binding to finish the edges & sort out the correct measurements for the strap on the larger one.

Not the funky ' I look like I belong in Italy ' scooter ( as much as she would love one ! ) but the ones that tend to belong to cranky oldies who want to run you down or at least make sure you loose all use of your achilles heel !

My mum is disabled so this is her way of getting out & about, now there are options for the scooter such as bags, baskets etc but the larger shopping bag she had on the back ended up falling off all the time & she only wanted something basic anyways. So the larger one will be at the back of the seat & the smaller one will be at the controls to throw in all her non purse items for easy access.

I totally cheated though .... The majority of both bags are made with placemats !!!!

We found these at Big W for $1 when her local store had some weird sale thing going on in the haberdashery dept. ( got me some fat quarters for $2 each !!! ) & they had these on a shelf so we grabbed a few so I could make these bags & one for her wheelchair also ... I am actually quite happy with how they turned out cause well they were placemats after all LOL !

Now as for the rest of the WIP pile .... Only 599* more items to go ...

* Please note 599 may actually be a slight exaggeration on my part !

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Hoppo Bumpo said...

The little hats are very cute. And what a great idea using placemats for the bags - they look fantastic!