Saturday, June 27, 2009

Keepin' It Real !

Well I have decided to bare all & show the state of my kitchen after a days worth of mayhem in my house ...

I am sure to shock & have many ( including my own mother ) tutting away at the mess but yanno when it comes down to it there are more important things in our day then keeping the house pristine & like a show home !

So upon reading this lovely womans blog I felt inspired that if she could admit to it then so could I ... Admittedly I dont have as many kids so little excuse for the mess I have accumulated I figure if this at least makes other mums take a sigh of relief then so be it ...

Being a mum isn't about being perfect nor is it about keeping a perfect home so ....

This is the state of my kitchen at 10pm tonite.

Both boys were in bed by 8pm but it's taken till 10pm for them to be asleep & for me to tackle the mess so here are the before :

Now sadly I don't have a dishwasher *pouts* so I gave myself an hour to see what I could get done & whilst I forgot the photos of the stove filled with recycling that was cleared along with everything else ! I managed to wash & dry up along with getting the slow cooker back on so that I can freeze a meal for through the week ... Quite chuffed !

After :

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